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Unsolicited Testimonials

Thanks to everyone for their comments. I've put a lot into these and I really do appreciate hearing back from you.

"I've been using my newest mod for a while now, and I love it. My wife thinks it's the first thing I've added to my car (and that list is long and illustrious) that actually adds value to it. When not holding a cup, you don't know it's there. When you do need it, it works, just as you want it to."

R. M., 1997 540i 6, California

[ Excerpted from his web page about the cup holders. I'm amazed that someone would take their time to do this. Thanks! ]

"I just bought the third one made [for the Z4] of "The Ultimate Cuphholder", and have used
it for about three weeks and two thousand miles. I must say it is *perfect* for my needs. I live in gods country where we have very twisty roads, no traffic, and no speed limits, and I take advantage of it. No spills so far. It keeps the cup out of the way, is very deep, it is adjustable, and is removable in literally 3 seconds. One of the best things is it sits on the
floor, and since I have the rubber floor mats even in a catastrophe it would spill only onto the mats. Nothing close to a catastrophe yet. And it holds the cup just about right where I would want it.

On my way down to the family reunion at the beach house last week, I stopped by the HSR historic races at VIR to help my buddy who races a Cobra. As soon as I got there, they announced open parade laps for charity, so I joined. This is my home track, so I can drive it pretty aggressively even in a parade lap (slow down in the straights, catch up in the fun parts).
Afterwards, I noticed that I had forgotten to take out the almost full cup of coffee in the cupholder, and yet I hadn't spilled a drop. Race-track tested cupholder! This one gets the checkered flag!"

C.T., BMW Z4, Virginia

"I've been using two of your cupholders in my BMW 530 and just wanted to let you know that they were as great as you indicated on your web site. They are also much safer to use on the road than anything else I have tried which obviously includes the factory jokes. Great job."

R.P., BMW E39 530, New York

"Before mounting the second cupholder in my other car, I temporarily put it in our airplane. As it is a rather unconventional plane, you may want to add the photo (attached) to your website.

Dan suggests: 'If mounting the cupholder in a rocket-powered aircraft, we recommend it go aft of the liquid oxygen tank pressure gauge. This may limit elevator down travel, but you have to keep your priorities straight." lol! Thanks Dan! ; )

D.D., 2001 EZ-Rocket, www.xcor.com, Mojave, CA

"Thanks for the great cup holders. I was a little concerned that they wouldn’t work for me since I am only 5’3” and drive with my seat pretty far forward compared to my 6’ husband. But they work just fine and they’re great. They installed in a snap and now I can stop juggling my water bottle on my 1hour+ commutes!! Love them, love them, love them!!!!!

You're welcome to use my comments! You've developed a fabulous product!!! I don't think you can imagine how much SAFER I'm feeling now that I'm not juggling my drink in my lap or worrying that the next turn is going to cause my drink to go tipping over on the console!!!."

E.S., BMW E39, California

"Received and installed my two cup holders and wanted you to know how pleased I am. What a great product. Packing was superb and instructions were perfect; able to install in seconds. Very nice!"

D.J., BMW E39 5 Series, Georgia

"Your creation was an immediate hit with my wife in her 2001 525i. She hasn't been this excited about a toy since the one I gave her with batteries.

A.W, BMW E39 525i, California

"The cupholders are great! Thanks!"

B. H., BMW E39 5 Series, Washington

"These cupholders hold everything perfectly, and make my life so much easier. I use both of them constantly. They are elegant, solid, and exactly what I wanted. The hand-made quality is unrivaled; I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you also for a great shopping experience, quick delivery, and an excellent web site. You run a fantastic business."

J.C., BMW E38 7 Series, Pennsylvania

"Just recieved and installed (in minutes) my two new cupholders for my 540i. They are totally amazing. I picked up two large Carribou coffee's on Mothers Day, drove like Mario Andretti for 8 miles on back roads, and to my chagrin, not one drop of coffee on either floor mat. Thank you!"

A.L., BMW E39 540, Minnesota

"They are Ultimate! THANKS MIKE!

I tried the silver one on the passenger-side of my E30 and:

- It fits my large 1 liter bottles PERFECTLY
- It stays completely out of the way while still being within reach
- Passengers won't mind it at all. In fact, they'll probably use it..."

V.S., BMW E30, California

"The cupholder and the travel mug arrived today, snow notwithstanding. The quality of the holder is even better in person than as pictured on your web site. It took me all of 10 seconds to install and I am ready to go! The mug is also of amazingly high quality for such a good price. I will break it in the AM when I stop at my coffee place on the way to the office. My wife is already eyeing the mug with envy so I may be ordering another one soon. The quality of your work is really impressive. In this Walmart age it is refreshing to know that individual entrepeneurs are still out there producing quality products. You really do great work and I am very appreciative of the quality product and the excellent customer service that
you have provided. All the best."

J.F., BMW E39 540, Virginia

"OK...I was skeptical, but they're great. It's out of the way and light-years better than the lousy stock cupholders. The only trick is getting the nerve up to stuff the metal tab up under the console, but once that's done, they work great."

D.N., 2000 M5, Washington

"Yes i did receive the last cupholder, but my BMW dealer damaged it while working on the car. I have to say the holder is an excellent accessory to the car and I thank you for making them. Installation was very easy. I look forward to receiving it soon. Last time it took 4 days!! Excellent!"

S. C., BMW E39 5 Series, Surrey, UK

"I just tried them out in my car and they're great! Thanks again for everything!"

B. U., BMW E39 5 Series, California

"The cupholder is excellent, it took me a few minutes to figure out how to install it, but it works great. Thanks a lot."

S. C., BMW E39 540i, California

"Just returned from a 2,500 mile trip to Texas. TOTALLY satisfied with the cupholders. Should you like an 'old-fart testimonial', just let me know."

D. A., BMW E39 525iT, Florida

"I've been meaning to get back with you concerning my experience with your cup holders.

They work wonderfully. I usually take a thermos of coffee with me on the road. The particular brand I use has a screw on top which, when removed, is the cup. It's small and fits perfectly into the cup holder provided on the sport wagon. The problem for me has been what to do with the thermos and your product takes care of that beautifully.

They were easy to install and add a small yet necessary touch to the enjoyment of my vehicle.

BMW should buy your idea, make you a rich man and satisfy their customers' needs.

I read a comment on the BMW Forum concerning the issue of the cheap and impractical cup holders. One guy wrote in that it was a minor issue because the car is designed for fast speeds and when you are traveling down the autobahn at 120 miles per, you have no business reaching for something to drink.

I can't help but agree with the author. However, the reality is a little different. I bought the BMW wagon for a few different reasons than smokin' down the autobahn. I live in NYC and my concerns are safety for my family and a completely comfortable ride in a dependable automobile. It is a luxury item and your product is a reasonable remedy for this one particular design flaw.

My hat is off to you.

Thanks again."

R. W., BMW E39 5 Series, New York

"The cupholder works great. I've had sports bottles & coffee mugs in them with no problems. Thanks again,"

R. L., 2002 530i, New Jersey

"Thanks for the quick service. The cup holders got here yesterday. The workmanship is first rate. "

M. K., 2001 540i, California

"I received the cupholders for my 2002 530 yesterday. They look & fit great!"

R. L., 2002 530i, New Jersey

"Got it installed yesterday, and couldn't be happier. This is exactly what I needed for the 5er. Mounts quick and easy, it's out of the way, and it's FUNCTIONAL! You da man!!"

C. H., BMW E39 5 Series, Tennessee

"Just wanted to let you know that I receive the cupholder and it looks fantastic. I'll be trying it out later this evening... thanks again for the great service (truthful and accurate!)."

J. H., BMW E39 5 Series, Virginia

"I'm at it again....just ordered 2 more for a customer and my sister-in law. I've been using mine for a few weeks now, I bought a 525iT for myself. I have it mounted on the passenger side as my wife pulls the seat too far forward when she drives. Anyway, it works fine, holding water bottles, coffee cups and soda without problem.

I am offering the Ultimate cupholder to my 5er customers now, showing them your site right here at my desk. Great solution to a design shortcoming in the Ultimate Driving Machine."

H. S., E39 525iT, New York

"The ultimatecupholder works great! I was concerned that I drive with my seat too far up but it is no problem. I will order another one for the passenger side."

N. H., 2001 530i, Texas

"Received the holders last week and meant to let you know then. Thanks, they work great. Ya gotta market these babies at BMW dealerships....good potential..."

G. C., BMW E39 5 Series, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"Received the goods yesterday, just as you said. Looks great, works great, wife likes it, what more could I want (other an M5 to go with it, but you're probably fresh out of those). Very professional job. "

E. T., 2001 540i 6, California

"Hi- just got the cupholders - they are WAY better than the alternatives. Well worth the wait."

T. P., BMW E39 5 Series, Montana

"By the way, the cupholders are spectacular. They fit perfectly, hold everything from a wine glass (precariously) to a large McDonalds shake without spilling a drop and without being in my way at all.

Thank you for the sensational design and thank you for your patience. If you need a testimonial, just ask and I'll tell anybody the same I've told you. They are great."

M. K., BMW E39 5 Series, Illinois

"I received the two cupholders and installed them yesterday - perfect fit, superior fit and finish, excellent solution. Many thanks."

B. M., BMW E39 5 Series, New York

"I've been using one of the cupholders, and it's really great. The shape seems to be perfect, it holds about everything from soup to mugs to water bottles really well. It seems to be a perfect solution to a cupholder in the 540 as it also frees up space where the original cupholders are to put my phone and other things. I can now keep my water bottles stored in the holder rather than rolling around on the floor or the seat. You should really think about marketing this to BMW parts. The quality is excellent and it's really superior to any other cupholder I've seen."

D. H., E39 540i, California

"The cup holders worked great on our vacation. Thank you for expediting the order.

I've showed the cup-holder to a few dealers. Everyone was impressed. I told them to visit your web site http://www.ultimatecupholders.com and contact you.

In addition, I had a major issue that had to be raised to customer relations at BMW headquarters. While looking at my car one of the senior managers asked what those SS items were. I showed then the cup holders and once again they were amazed that such as simple device could beat what their German Engineers "hacked" on. They now know your website."

W. B., 2002 530i, Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

"Just got back from a road trip with the 740 and the cupholders were here waiting for me. I took them out to the garage and within 2 minutes had them installed. They fit fine - took a couple seconds to figure out how to get them under the carpet, but once I got past that, they went in smooth.

So far I'm thrilled, it looks like these will hold real cups and keep them accessible but out of the way, not blocking any controls. Thanks for taking the time to test fit and build these - I think it's a great solution..."

J. B., BMW E38 740, Oklahoma


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