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"If you want something done right..."

The poor design of the stock holders and the lack of good, reasonably priced alternatives are the very reasons why the Ultimate Cupholders™ were created.

It's time for a real cup holder, designed for the real world by someone who really drives these cars and uses them!

Below I've listed all of the products that I know of along with my "totally unbiased" ; ) comments regarding each. (Actually, I have tried to be as objective as I can.) Most of these I've tried or have at least had the opportunity to examine closely. Everyone has different likes and needs. I encourage you to compare the options available and find something that works best for you. I'd much rather have an informed customer, and I believe that the Ultimate Cupholders™ are superior in design, functionality, and price versus anything else on the market.


Other After-Market Cup Holders
Bavarian Auto, etc.
(Various vehicles)

Double $79 - $119
Single $39 - $59




Expensive for relatively generic plastic cupholders. They do add colored or wood inserts that match the interior colors relatively well and they do use the better quality folding holders.

The mounts for the double holder that fit in the phone tray for the 5 Series (and other locations in other models) are a good idea, but put the drinks in a not very practical location. Limits use of the armrest. Doesn't work if you're using the cradle to hold a phone. Doesn't work if you've replaced the original armrest with a lifting lid.

The mounting for the single holder? Uhhh... Sure, I'll just stick that right there on my nice burlwood trim. ; )

Both are in the way somewhat with a manual shifter.

Limited range of adjustment to handle larger sizes.

In a bad position above occupants and electronics should a spill happen or in the event of a quick stop, other rapid maneuver, or accident.

They also offer similar models for wheelchairs and your computer.


(BMW 5 and 7 Series)
$68.00 shipped

Relatively well-made wooden cupholders. The finish is good and they are a reasonable match for the stock wood. The look is a little reminiscent of what you might find in a '72 Chevy van, but not too bad. They've recently added a slot to hold a cell phone which is a nice touch. Matching rear models also available.

The mounting location is a good idea, but unfortunately you lose storage space within easy reach of the driver. Also blocks emergency flasher and door lock switches but is easily removed and replaced if necessary to get to the flasher button or otherwise not needed. May get in the way of the sliding armrest somewhat depending on height of the container. A protective pad is included that fits under the holder to protect the console veneer.

Limited adjustment for larger sizes with the double holder but they now have another version, the "Giga" cup holder, which will accommodate a single "Big Gulp" and other similarly sized containers.

Again, should a spill happen, it seems more likely to be on occupants and/or electronics.


(BMW various models)


Direct from the people who brought you the originals.

Anyone who has used a door-mounted cupholder knows how well this location works. Just don't forget and slam that ***SPLASH*** door...

Top-heavy design and restricted room above limits larger/taller sizes.

Again, takes up more of the storage space convenient to the driver, and is located in an area already limited in terms of space.

Minimal adjustment for size (an insert is provided for smaller cups).

At $35, it's a relative bargain in plastic from BMW. Unfortunately, the nice stainless cup is not included.

Part number 82-11-0-027-936, available at your friendly neighborhood BMW parts counter.


(Porsche 986/996)


Very similar to the BMW holder above, but mounted along the passenger side of the console.

As above, the same top-heavy design.

Restricts passenger room right at the knee level.

No provision for more than one drink.

Minimal adjustment for size (an insert is provided for smaller cups).


(BMW E34 5 Series and E32 7 Series)


These aren't OK for cans, but other than that, they just kinda suck. lol I had them for a while in my E34 and they never really worked very well.

Again, relies on a relatively low positioning and tends to be top heavy with taller containers. Also tends to be in the way with a manual shifter. Limited range to handle larger sizes.

Designed as a quick fix for the E34 and E32 which have no holders. Better than nothing, but that's about the best that I can say for them.

E34 5 Series, part # 82 11 1 468 721
E32 7 Series, part #82 11 1 468 722

(BMW E39 5 Series)

A very nicely designed piece. Very cool action. Pricing obviously is high.

While well executed, again, anything in this location tends to be in the way particularly with taller items and/or a manual shifter. Limits forward movement of the armrest when in use.

Some dependency on cup size and shape. Limited range of adjustment and effectiveness for smaller and larger sizes.
No provision for more than one drink. Again, takes up storage space convenient to the driver.

Also, again, in a bad position should a spill happen or in the event of a quick stop, rapid maneuver, or accident, and condensation (phone connections and the main air bag controller are under the arm rest immediately below and behind this location).

TEC notes that the factory E39 cup holder height is only 1-3/8" and that its cup holder has a retaining height of over 2", 50% higher. For comparison, mine is 2" at it's LOWEST point and approximately 5" at maximum height, or about 500% taller than the factory unit and 250% higher than the TEC. As TEC says "More height, more stability."

(BMW various, Porsche various)

Employs a coated, formed wire which attaches to existing mounting points in various locations on the dash depending on model. Relatively sturdy construction.

Dependent on the size and shape of containers for it to work very well.

Sits close to the dash and may block access to some controls.

Models with a shorter arm work better.


(BMW Z3, M Roaster and Coupe)
$24.95 - $130


A variety of solutions for the BMW Z3 and M Roadster and Coupes. I've not had an opportunity to try these for myself.

The Zs are relatively tight as far as space is concerned, so anything will be a compromise.

Again, anything in these locations tends to be in the way particularly with a manual shifter and with taller items, but I'm not sure that you have much of a choice in the Zs.

Note that the arm rest in the console shown in the center picture can be moved forward to cover the cup holders.

Also note that the pricing includes the arm rest and console with molded in holders.

They also offer several other versions that are not shown.



Universal Models
  Fischer Universal Cup Holders $12.99 - $24.99


Fischer Universal Cup Holders.

These are about the best universal after-market holders that I've found. If you have a good spot for them, they can work very well and they look reasonable.

For more info, see here.


BCS (Beverage Containment Systems)

$29.95 (polycarbonate) through
$149.95 (high-gloss anodized aluminum)


BCS has four levels of products/materials and finish - polycarbonate through high-gloss, machined aluminum. 3 1/4" - 3 3/4" diameter.

Adjustable center of gravity, cinch cord, sealed bearings, locking mechanism.

Very nice, but designed in a way that assumes that you're willing to put some screws into your interior. Targetted primarily for the off-road crowd.



  Expandable Flip-Up Holders $.99 - $7.99


Available through many sources, with a wide range of quality (or lack thereof). Check boating stores for some of the better ones. The best have a stainless steel spring and heavier ABS plastic.

I'd rate the better ones as OK. The cheaper versions are just junk. Reasonably good range of adjustment to the arms in most, but many can't handle very large sizes or much weight if unsupported. Jumbo sizes also are available.

Unless you adjust the arms, things tend to clack around some (note the white spacers/retainers in the picture to help minimize this). Bottles with a slightly wider base tend to grab when removed if they are adjusted to fit higher up.

I've yet to see very good placement in a car for these. They look terrible stuck on the console and generally get in the way there. Installed vertically along the side of the console places them too high and against your knee/leg when in use and usually requires screws. On the door has the problems of any other door-mounted holder and looks bad.

The biggest benefit to these is that they fold to a relatively thin profile when closed.


  Rubber Queen Cup-n-Can Holder $2.99


Here's a cheap cup holder that you can find at your local Wal-mart or Pep Boys right next to the faux leopard-skin steering wheel covers and Yosemite Sam™ mudflaps. Costs about $2.99 and looks it, but worth every penny.

Best not to use them in the door as shown, slip the flat part under the edge of the console in a way similar to mine. They tend to flop around some and don't work well with larger/taller items, but they're reasonably functional.


  StylinConcepts "Type R" Holder $19.99


Sorry, that's just wrong.

Beyond the "Type R" designation, all of the holders that clip to the vents are junk. At best, you'll end up throwing it away before it breaks your vent louvers.



  RacerWheel "Hello Kitty" Holder $31.00


Don't make us take your car away.



DIY Tricks
  The Duct Tape Method $2.99 - $4.99


Peel away the plastic shrink wrap, press the roll flat on the floor... voila! Drink goes in the center. Once it sticks, it's not half bad! Wider rolls work better.

Especially handy if you have a V8 E39 BMW since you also can use the tape to try to patch your radiator when it detonates. ; )



  The Shoe Holder Free if you use an old pair.


Wedge the toe under the seat, cup goes in the opening. High-tops work best. (I actually knew someone who did this.)




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