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  High-quality, functional cup holders for BMW Porsche Mercedes Audi Acura NSX and other fine cars  

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  12 oz. cans.
  Coffee cups with handles.

  Tall, thin 16 oz. plastic bottles.
  Heavy 16 oz. glass bottles.




  One liter bottles!
  Super Big Gulp®? No problem!

Sized to fit most standard cans and bottles as shipped.

Any adjustments necessary to best fit your specific size requirements are made easily by slightly bending the arms more open or closed. The optimal fit is when the container is loosely held by the arms and can easily be inserted and removed.

It's best to adjust the holder so that it fits the largest container that you typically use. Smaller sizes will be held more loosely, but will NOT spill (within reason at least).




Need a GREAT
travel cup?

Fischer umbrella




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