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Who the heck are you and where did these things come from?

I'm a long-time BMW owner who simply got tired of the poor stock cupholders and was disappointed with the lack of any good, reasonably priced after-market alternatives.

I've used something very similar to those shown in all three of the BMWs that I've owned (E34 525, E36 M3, and now an E39 540/6). Over the years I've also made some for other owners of these same cars. All were happy with how well they worked, especially with larger-sized drinks. Since I was recently "down-sized," I've now had the time and motivation to refine the design and to produce them.

And, yes, I really do use them on a daily basis.


What should I expect if I buy one?

You should expect a well made, very functional cupholder that will work with almost any drink container and basically last forever.

This is a garage-based operation at this point (actually a basement). Other than cutting the metal blanks, I do everything myself. These are essentially hand-made items. You should expect fit and finish to be at that level, and you may see some minor variances from one to another.

I cannot control all aspects of the materials used and keep the cost low. For example, there may be minor scratches or other cosmetic defects that are present in the material or that result from the cutting process. None of these affect functionality and I do reject those that are beyond an acceptable level.

You definitely should not expect any fancy packaging at this point.


Terms and Conditions of Sale

Before ordering, you must read, understand, and accept the Terms and Conditions. By submitting an order, you acknowledge your acceptance of and agreement to be bound by all of the terms and conditions contained therein.

You assume all risks for the installation and/or use of this product.


Do I need to alter my car in any way to install them?

No, they simply slip in and out (see Installation). They are held in place by the pressure of the edge of the console on the upper arm and the fit of the base against the floor.


How are adjustments for size made?

As shipped, the holders are sized to hold most standard drink containers and in most cases no adjustment is necessary.

If required, the arms may be bent more open or closed to handle larger or smaller sizes. The metal is flexible enough that this can be done easily by hand. To open, simply pull the arms apart gently. To close, wrap your hands around the arms and press together until they are moved more closely together.

An optimal fit is when the container is held in a slightly loose manner and can be inserted and removed easily. You don't want items to be held so tightly that it's difficult to get them in and out, or so loose that they may tip over or fall out. It's best to adjust the holder so that it fits the largest container that you typically use. Smaller sizes will fit held more loosely, but will NOT spill (at least within reasonable limits).



While very adaptable, there are a few practical limitations.

First, obviously, there needs to be a place for them and seat position may restrict or limit the location. Generally, this isn't a problem other than in a few cases where the seats are positioned very far forward. The range available for placement varies by vehicle. Short of trying it, the best guidance that I can give regarding this aspect is to look at the location where the holder would be inserted with the seats in their normal positions. If you have several inches of space where the holder would be placed as shown without any interference or significant changes to height or profile of the console, then it should work fine. To give a better idea of when this starts to come into play, based on experience to date in a BMW 5 Series this hasn't been a problem other than with drivers in the 5' 2" range and under, and in some cases, not then depending on how the seat is positioned. Again, hard to judge given variances across different cars and that everyone has their own seating position. If you have questions along these lines, please contact me and I'll try to help you judge in advance.

Second, while they will handle most standard-sized containers very well without any adjustment (e.g., 12 oz. cans through large cups and bottles), *very* small or large containers may not work. Obviously, some common sense applies here. A shot glass, or a very tall and/or narrow glass, or a huge gallon-sized thermos probably aren't going to work out very well. Most car-type travel cups will work fine. If you have questions about a particular favorite drink container, car cup, etc., please let me know and I'll try to answer as best I can.


How are they made?

I have metal blanks cut from 20 gauge, 304 grade stainless steel using a CNC-based laser. As they come to me, they are relatively rough, flat pieces of metal. I form and finish them and apply the felt lining. Currently, everything other than the initial cutting is done by hand.


Care and feeding?

None really.

As noted above, they're made from 304 stainless and require no maintenance other than possibly wiping with a typical household glass cleaner. If necessary, they can be polished using a fine Scotch-Brite® pad or a metal polish.

The felt can be washed with soap and water if needed. I'm not sure that the adhesive can hold up to dishwasher temperatures, so I wouldn't recommend that.

You should check regularly that the holder is securely installed and holds items as intended. If not, then it should not be used. If the upper arm somehow becomes bent so that it no longer fits properly, I can provide a guide that you can use as a template to rebend it.


Will they work with other BMW models or other car makes?

Yes, assuming that there is a center console that permits the holder to work in the way intended, that the height of the edge of the console is neither too high or too low (generally, between a minimum of 5" and a maximum of 7"), that there is adequate space behind and no obstructions, wiring, etc., and that there is space for the holder in the chosen location.

Please see Model Status for current applications.

Also, if you'd like to try it for some other application, I will sell these finished but without the upper arm bent and provide general guidance. They are returnable as long as they are not bent or otherwise altered or damaged.


What if I don't like it?

I really don't want anyone to be unhappy with these. You can return it for any reason within 30 days for a full refund. All I ask is that you let me know why and provide any recommendations that you have for improving any deficiencies.

The 30-day period should give you plenty of time to try it. Any longer period of time is simply too difficult for me to manage from a record-keeping standpoint, logistically, and financially. Although I'm not likely to give you a hard time if it's 31 days, or for any other reason within the return period, acceptance of any returns and refunds or replacements are made at my sole discretion.

You must contact me in advance before returning any products, and you must pay for return shipping to me in the manner that you choose. See the Terms and Conditions for specifics before ordering.

To date, the return rate is less than .01%.


Product Improvements and Price Changes

Various improvements and/or changes may be made to the product over time. Likewise, I'm actively working to reduce cost. It's possible that the product may be improved or the price may be reduced at some point after you buy it. In both cases, if there is a significant change to the product or a reduction to the price within the first 30 days following the date of your order, and you so request, I will either provide a replacement or refund the price difference. The decision to make any such refunds or replacements is at my sole discretion.

Conversely, I suppose the product could get worse and the price could increase. In either case, I won't ask that you swap or that you send more money. ; )


Privacy and Use of Customer Information

I will never sell or otherwise provide e-mail or other customer information to any party, and I will never send unsolicited e-mail to you unless it directly relates to answering a question, transferring important information, or to an order that you have placed.

I do not maintain a mailing list or other customer database used for any purpose other than properly servicing customers in the normal course of business.

I do not capture user actions and movements within this site on a personally identifiable basis or use "cookies" or other similar methods.

I have no control over and accept no responsibility for the content and/or actions of third-party systems that may be accessed via links or otherwise are provided for convenience.


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